14 Best products for acne-prone skin, according to experts

Blocked pores mainly bring on acne. The germs, sebum, and dead skin cells become entrapped in a hair follicle and develop a bump in that area. The hair follicles enter the pores on the skin’s surface. The oil gland releases sebum in the optimal state, which travels up the hair and out of the pore. Sebum’s function is to lubricate the skin when it enters the skin. It may clog pores and cause acne if there is any kind of restriction in the process, such as an oil gland producing too much sebum, dead skin buildup, or an accumulation of germs.

  1. Earthly Vibes 20% Vitamin C Face Serum – 999 for 30ml
  2. VedaEarth Clarifying Face wash – 450 for 100ml
  3. Rejuvenating Ubtan Acne Resist Face Pack – 375 for 75gms
  4. Azani Active Care Spot Gel – 539 for 60ml
  5. Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss Gel Creme – 520 for 50gms
  6. Aroma Magic Neem and Tea Tree anti pimple gel – 175 for 20gm
  7. LetsShave Activated Charcoal Anti-Acne Face Wash Gel – 249 for 100ml
  8. Satthwa Neem and Turmeric Face Wash for Acne and Pimples – 425 for 125ml
  9. Beardo Acne Control Face Gel – 399 for 50gm
  10. WOW Skincare Anti-Acne Neem and Tea Tree Clay Face Mask – 499 for 200ml
  11. MensXP Mud Deep Clean Red Clay Face Mask with Willow Bark – 900 for 100gm
  12. Ustraa Anti-Acne Spot Gel with Neem and Vitamin B3 – 199 for 15ml
  13. Organic Harvest Acne Control Face Wash – 95 for 50gm
  14. Vedaearth Anti-Acne Facial Oil – 550 for 25ml 

Earthly Vibes 20% Vitamin C Face Serum:

Earthly Vibes 20% Vitamin C Face Serum is a skin regenerating face serum infused with Kakadu plum. Kakadu Plum is one of the highest sources of Vitamin C. It has more than 80% of Vitamin C than oranges or any citric fruits. It deals with acne, hyperpigmentation, ageing signs, wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and blemishes. With its active and skin-friendly ingredients, it would be a one-stop solution for almost all your skin problems. It makes your skin look smooth and glow. It comes in a dark glass container with a pumper on it to make it hassle-free while using. 

VedaEarth Clarifying Face Wash:

It claims to keep you away from acne, prevent pimples, reduce blemishes, and give you clear and radiant skin. It has ingredients like neem to prevent pimples, and reduce the appearance of acne scars and tea tree oil to treat acne, redness and swelling. As it claims, it removes dirt, and oil and dissolves impurities. Also, it clears pores and prevents pimples, enhancing and soothing the skin. 

Rejuvenating Ubtan Acne Resist Face Pack:

The ideal treatment for the hot summer heat, smog, smoking, and filth, which can cause your skin to seem dark, dull, and prone to acne. The all-natural face pack provides additional protection and care for your skin. The mild formula’s antibacterial and antifungal characteristics aid in the treatment of acne and lessen pimples, dark undereye bags, and black spots.

Azani Active Care Salicylic Acid Sulphur Acne Spot Gel Corrector:

It claims to give spot treatment for acne scars and exfoliate the skin to give a smooth and supple skin. It evens out skin tone and fades dark spots effectively. But it takes some time and patience to see the desired results. Though it may not be suitable for those who have dry skin or sensitive skin. 

Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss Gel Creme:

This absolute skin gloss gel creme has a strong after-shaving lotion smell, which could be a turn-off for many people. This gel is lightweight and has a smooth texture. It blends well into the skin when applied. It does make the skin look glossy and healthy for a few hours after applying. But it does not last long. It is good for acne-prone skin as it doesn’t cause acne for most people. 

Aroma Magic Neem and Tea Tree anti pimple gel:

The neem and tea tree anti-pimple gel claim to unclog pores, make the skin tight, and give clean and soft skin. Its natural ingredients like extracts of neem oil, aloe vera and tree tea oil help make the skin unclog pores. Cucumber, Niacinamide and witch hazel purify the skin, reduce redness, making the skin soft and smooth. There are no added fragrances and harmful chemicals in it. 

LetsShave Activated Charcoal Anti-Acne Face Wash Gel:

This anti-acne face wash gel is a foaming facewash that claims to deeply cleanses the skin, unclog pores, remove excess oil, remove blemishes and give an even-looking skin. It works better for people with oily and acne-prone skin than for people with sensitive and dry skin. 

Satthwa Neem and Turmeric Face Wash for Acne and Pimples:

Neem and turmeric are magnificent pairings. It makes your skin clean and radiant without drying it out. You may also include accomplishments like curing hyperpigmentation, battling acne, and getting rid of dead skin cells on the list.

Beardo Acne Control Face Gel:

This unique yet straightforward acne control gel deals with acne without being harsh on your skin. The formula contains aloe vera turmeric extract is a potent acne-reducing ingredient. When used regularly, they also soothe, heal and prevent recurring acne.

WOW Skincare Anti-Acne Neem and Tea Tree Clay Face Mask:

The product claims to rejuvenate oily skin and control acne. This mask helps to refine and minimise pores, fade acne scars, and even skin tone, giving a clear and even complexion. It is better for oily and acne-prone skinned people than dry-skinned ones because it minimises oil production. If used continuously, it deeply cleanses the skin, clarifies, and removes dullness. 

MensXP Mud Deep Clean Red Clay Face Mask with Willow Bark: 

This face mask is specially formulated for men. The ingredients like red clay and willow bark gently absorb excess oil and exfoliate and nourish the skin. It is ideal for oily and combination skin. Dry skin can suffer excess dryness after using it. It is advised to follow up with a moisturiser after using this mask.

Ustraa Anti-Acne Spot Gel with Neem and Vitamin B3:

This Neem and Vitamin B3 Gel is ideally made for men. It is targeted to clear acne, and dark spots, and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. It reduces oil production and stops causing breakouts on the skin. 

Organic Harvest Acne Control Face Wash:

It is particularly effective for those people who have oily and normal skin. If people having dry skin uses this facewash, it may lead to skin roughness or even breakouts. It has a calming herbal smell. When using the facewash continuously, it gives a soft and soothing skin and prevents skin from more breakouts. 

Vedaearth Anti-Acne Facial Oil: 

People might have fear when hearing of facial oil as they think it might lead the skin to be more oily and causes breakouts. But the ideal solution for radiant, smooth, and acne-free skin is anti-acne face oil. It contains the therapeutic properties of juniper berries and lemongrass, which help treat acne and lessen the visibility of scars and pigmentation.

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