7 Anti-Aging Tips that’ll transform your Beauty Routine

As the proverb goes, “With age comes wisdom, but skin ageing also comes hand in hand”. Your skin undergoes various changes as you age, such as losing its suppleness and forming fine lines and wrinkles, leading to dry skin. Although there isn’t a way to stop time from passing, following a good anti-ageing skincare routine will undoubtedly assist to minimize the look of any ageing skin signs.

For instance, beginning an anti-ageing skincare routine in your 30s and 40s and utilising the best skincare products with skin-loving chemicals (such as glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid) will help you maintain a young-looking, and vibrant skin. You’re always set and ready for a change. Think about including our top 7 anti-ageing tips in your skincare routine right away.

  1. Wash with a Cream Cleanser:

Cleaning your skin every day is always necessary, no matter what your skin type or skincare routines are. However, the foamy cleansers tend to be harsh, so choose a suitable cream cleanser if your skin shows signs of ageing. As skin ages, it loses nutrients, natural oils, and moisture, which results in skin, that appears and feels dry. For a new appearance, a cream cleanser might aid in rehydrating the skin’s surface. Wet hands should be used to lather the cleanser in and then gently massage the skin each morning and evening. Rinse well, then pat it dry.

  1. Exfoliate Weekly:

Exfoliating your skin has a wide range of advantages. It brightens your skin, increases blood circulation, and purifies and cleans clogged pores. Although you have to keep in mind that you should only exfoliate once to three times per week. In order to figure out what works for you, pay attention to how your skin reacts. Having said that, exfoliation has to be a part of your skincare routine if you observe noticeable signs of ageing because doing so is a crucial anti-ageing strategy.

  1. Apply a Facial Serum:

You’re ready to use a face serum after cleansing your face. Choose the right serum depending on your skin type, or you can choose Earthly Vibes 20% Vitamin C Face Serum, which is suitable for almost all skin types. 

There’s no doubt that some people’s skin looks more mature because of their exposure to harmful UV rays, years of environmental damage and so on. It causes the skin to look dull and it leads to skin loosening which causes ageing signs. 

Earthly Vibes 20% Vitamin C Face Serum is a skin regenerating face serum, that is infused with Kakadu plum. Kakadu Plum is one of the highest sources of Vitamin C. It has more than 80% of Vitamin C than oranges or any citric fruits. It deals with acne, hyperpigmentation, ageing signs, wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and blemishes. With its active and skin-friendly ingredients, it would be a one-stop solution for almost all your skin problems. It makes your skin look smooth and glow. When using the Earthly Vibes 20% Vitamin C Face Serum, increases collagen production which leads to the tightening of the skin. 

  1. Moisturise your skin:

As people grow older, less sebum is produced. This reduces the likelihood of acne but also makes it easier for your skin to dry up soon. Inadequate skin hydration is one of the main causes of fine lines, and wrinkles. But thankfully, it’s a simple problem that can be solved by using a good moisturiser!

Look for a moisturiser that has moisturising ingredients like glycerine and hyaluronic acid, which attract water. At night, you may stop water loss from your skin by using products with ingredients such as mineral oil or petroleum, which is popularly known as Vaseline and is also equally effective as Aquaphor. However, keep your face clean to make sure you don’t attract unwanted bacteria. 

  1. Use non-drying Makeup Products:

Concealers, blushes, mascaras, and other cosmetic items are available in the same way as moisturising foundations do to help fight dull skin and fight ageing signs. A Hydrating Serum nourishes and brightens the skin around your eyes for a radiant appearance. For older skin, it is available in different ingredients. It is better to choose products that are made with nourishing camellia oil to give your cheeks a radiant pop of colour without looking cakey or dry.

  1. Don’t forget to remove your makeup! 

Let’s jump to the evening. You’ll have to take off your makeup before you’re prepared to get some beauty rest. Grab a bottle of micellar water and clean your face before going to bed as sleeping on with makeup may block pores. Since micellar water is designed to remove makeup, grime, and dirt extra-gently, it is a better option to use. To thoroughly clean your skin, choose a brand that would best suit your skin type and take a cotton pad to remove the makeup on your face. The cotton pad gently removes the makeup without harming your skin.

  1. Use a wrinkle cream at night: 

Few researchers have claimed that sleep allows your body to rejuvenate and repair itself. Use that opportunity to apply anti-wrinkle cream at night that helps fight wrinkles. Choose a moisturiser that suits the best to your skin. These anti-wrinkle face creams work to significantly minimise ageing symptoms including fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, and sagging skin. Select the anti-ageing creams that best meet your needs.

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