All Things you need to know about Vitamin E


Have you ever wondered why Vitamin E is added to our skincare products? The reason is that its powerful antioxidants help to hold back youthful skin by making almost all the skin cells from getting damaged by dirt, free radicals, etc. 

Vitamin E is a potent fat-soluble antioxidant that gives numerous benefits to our skin, hair, and most importantly to health. It is rich in various nuts, fruits, and vegetables that we intake daily. 


Various nuts have the goodness of Vitamin E hidden in them. They are; 

ALMONDS: Almonds are rich in Vitamin E. It has almost 48% of Vitamin E in it. Most people may hate eating almonds as such. Those people can prepare Almond milk or almond butter and enjoy the goodness of almonds. 

ALMOND MILK: Instead of buying almond milk from the store, you can make it easy with just two ingredients and a blender and you can adjust the sweetness too! For making almond milk at home, take a few almonds and soak them overnight with some cold water. 

In the morning, drain the water and add the soaked almonds to the blender along with some water. You can even add cocoa powder, sugar, or vanilla as per your taste. Then blend it to a smooth paste. Strain the extras. Now you can enjoy the Almond milk you prepared!

ALMOND BUTTER: For making almond butter you would need at least two cups of almonds. But don’t worry if you can’t finish it at once. You can store it and use it later. Take two cups of almond and roast it in low heat for up to ten minutes. Then transfer it to a blender or food processor with a neutral oil. Blend it till the almonds become a smooth paste. And tada, your almond butter is ready!

PEANUTS: Peanuts have a decent amount of Vitamin E, of about 16%. A few people are allergic to peanuts and it is better to avoid peanuts if you’re allergic to them. You can make peanut butter or a peanut chat. 

PEANUT BUTTER: Take two cups of peanuts and dry roast them for ten minutes in low heat. Let it cool down and you can remove the peanut skin if you want. Now add it to a blender or a food processor along with a few teaspoons of peanut oil and sugar(it’s optional). Blend it till it becomes a smooth paste. 

PEANUT CHAT: Pressure cook a cup of peanuts along with three cups of water, salt, and turmeric powder for about three to four whistles. Drain and let them cool. Now add, salt, chat masala, roasted cumin powder, chopped onions, diced tomatoes, green chilies, coriander leaves, lemon juice, and mix well. It’s ready to eat!

SUNFLOWER SEEDS: Sunflower seeds have 66% of Vitamin E in them. We can eat it as it is or you can make sunflower seeds powder and it add it to your milk. 

SUNFLOWER SEEDS POWDER: Take a required amount of sunflower seeds and dry roast them for two to three minutes in low heat. Let it cool down and blend it well. It’s ready! You can add one or two teaspoons of sunflower seeds powder to a cup of hot milk and sugar(it’s optional). Enjoy your drink!


Vitamin E-rich fruits are rich in non-citric fruits and added fats(unsaturated fats) in snacks. They are Mangoes, Avocado, and kiwis.  

AVOCADO: Avocado, also called Indian Butter Fruit is rich in Vitamin E with 14% in it. It can be eaten raw or you can make Guacamole. 

GUACAMOLE: Take a fresh avocado, chopped with onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves, a generous squeeze of lemon juice, and salt. You can add chili powder and chat masala if needed. Now mix it all and enjoy.  

MANGO: Mangoes are having a 14% of Vitamin E and you can eat the yummy mangoes as it is. Or you can make a mango milkshake with a fully ripen mango or you can eat the unripened mango with some salt and chili powder. 

MANGO MILKSHAKE: For making a mango milkshake, you will need one or two fully ripened mango that is peeled and chopped. Add one and a half cups of whole milk that is chilled or at room temperature. Add sugar and ice cubes(if needed) and blend them till there are no chunks. You can add honey or jaggery to it. Now transfer it to glasses and garnish it with sliced nuts or diced mangoes and enjoy!

KIWI: Kiwi has a decent amount of 7% Vitamin E in it. You can eat the raw kiwi or you can make a kiwi salad and enjoy. 

KIWI SALAD: Take one or two kiwis and cut them into pieces. Now add lemon juice and a few diced pineapple pieces(you can add strawberries or any other fruits as per your interest). You can add salt and mix it. Now it’s ready to be served. 


There are so many health and skin benefits in Vitamin E. A few vegetables that are highly rich in Vitamin E are;

RED BELL PEPPER: These red bell peppers are not only rich in Vitamin C, but also rich in Vitamin E. They contain small amounts of chemicals called ‘capsaicin’, so they are also called Capsicum. They can either be eaten raw or it can be cooked and eaten. You can make a red bell pepper soup or bell pepper and broccoli salad. 

RED BELL PEPPER SOUP: Take a red bell pepper and dice it. Roast it along with a few tomato pieces, onions, garlic, salt, pepper, and herbs. Let it cool down and now add it to a blender and blend it. Now, take a saucepan and a few drops of olive oil and add the soup to it. Let it be on a low flame for some time and serve it hot. 

BROCCOLI: Broccolis are not only rich in Vitamin C but also Vitamin E. You can make a broccoli salad or broccoli stir fry to add a taste to your boring broccoli. 

BROCCOLI SALAD: Take a few fresh broccoli and add it to boiling water along with some salt. Cook it for some time and transfer it to a bowl. Now add lime juice, salt, some coriander leaves, and black pepper and mix it(you can add a teaspoon of olive oil). Now you can enjoy the Broccoli salad! 

BROCCOLI STIR FRY: Take a saucepan, add two to three teaspoons of olive oil, and heat it. Add a few broccoli pieces that are cut into smaller pieces. Add some salt and saute it for a few minutes. Then add pepper to it and close the lid. Let it be cooked for some time. After five minutes, open the lid and add lemon juice to it. Now turn off the heat and serve it hot. 

SPINACH: Do you know that this spinach is the powerhouse of nutrition? It is packed with the best vitamins and antioxidants. The best way to eat spinach is to steam it or saute them for a while and eat them. I know it’s hard to eat them but certain foods are meant to be eaten in this way. 

Though Vitamin E deficiency is rare, it occurs in people who follow a bad diet routine. Its symptoms may include, muscle weakness, vision problems, and poor immune system. Vitamin E has numerous health benefits too! It plays an important role in hair growth, hair strengthening and it gives enough elasticity to the skin and keeps the skin moisturized.