Our story

Why Earthly Vibes?

We at Earthly Vibes, bring to you the wisdom of nature and the advancement of science together to create the perfect skincare brand. Our ancient and skin-friendly ingredients used in our products are as pure as mother earth.

There are many blind and concerning march towards beauty products claiming to be “natural”. This misconception is that all 100% natural cosmetic products are safe & effective and anything that remotely sounds like a chemical is unsafe. We see a lot of inaccurate claims being made nowadays.

In search of a good, natural, and result-driven skincare brand that has only the best ingredients, which doesn’t harm your skin in any way, we were led to nowhere. So, instead of searching for one, we created “EARTHLY VIBES.”

Good Ingredients = Good Skincare

We believe in placing importance on the actions of natural ingredients rather than the ingredients themselves. We went into so many iterations for our first product until we stopped at only the best. With a laboratory and a scientific team of our own, we wanted to create a massive difference for the basic skincare products.

We believe that our products are simple, clean, and natural with 100% pure and effective ingredients. We cannot stress enough the word Ingredient as much as we put effort into making the product right.

Cruelty-free: We adhere to you that our products are cruelty-free. We never test anything on animals. Animals matter to us just as much as delivering a good product to you.

Environmentally Conscious: As we call our brand EARTHLY VIBES, we care for our earth in bringing no harm to them, while delivering our goodness.