Top 5 Benefits of Green Tea

The benefits of green tea are well known. Most of us think that green tea helps us lose weight, but little did we know that it makes wonders to maintain healthy and glowing skin. I’ll share one of my friend’s experiences with green tea with you. She saw a movie, got inspired by the character, and became health-conscious all of a sudden. She started buying different types of green tea out of curiosity. But she really couldn’t bear its bitterness and she almost spat it out. She then realized that all the good things happen to be in a bitter way; which indeed is true! Let’s see the benefits of green tea for both the skin and health. 


Green Tea is a powerhouse for antioxidants, Vitamin E and Fatty Acids. Vitamin E is rich in Green Tea and is known for its moisturizing properties. Likewise, it nourishes the skin and gives the necessary moisture throughout the day. 


Green Tea fights against cell damage and evens complexion, also it helps unclog the pores by alleviating excessive sebum production. It flushes out the unwanted dirt on the skin and body. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties brighten the skin and give a healthy glow to it. 


As we already know, Green Tea is rich in antioxidants. It is a vital element that neutralizes the damages caused due to free radicals. It can deal with regular environmental stressors like UV radiation, pollution, and smoke. So we have to make sure to intake a cup of green tea daily. 


Have you ever watched Chinese or Korean Series and longed for their clear and flawless skin? If yes, then know that green tea plays a significant role in getting your desired skin, just like your favorite people’s. Green tea is packed with antioxidants, that promote DNA repair. 

It also boosts collagen production and elastin content that reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It fights against photoaging which results in UV damage. It also reduces the appearance of age spots and hyperpigmentation. 


We often hear people say that we lose weight if we drink Green Tea. It is because Green Tea is known to boost metabolism right after intake. It especially helps to lose weight in the abdominal area with excess fat. 


Many are curious to know the difference between the benefits of drinking Green Tea and applying it. Well, the answer is both are equally important. You can drink green tea to lose weight or to maintain a healthy body. On the other hand, you can use green tea products to get clear and brighter skin. It is better to drink and use green tea products for sooner and better results. 


You can drink green tea whenever you want. We usually think the best time to drink green tea is morning and before a workout session. If you’re a coffee-lover, you can even swap coffee with green teas it contains the same amount of caffeine as in coffee, just enough to kick start your day! But it is usually best to drink green tea after having your food as it speeds up the metabolism. It should be noted that green tea is alkaline in nature, and you should avoid it if you have a sensitive stomach.

You might’ve got an idea about the benefits of green tea. Oh! I forgot to finish my friend’s story. She continued to drink green tea despite its bitterness! She lost almost a kg of green tea within a few days, but never lost her weight! Are you wondering why? It’s because she neither stopped eating high glycemic foods nor did any workout! So, let’s not forget to maintain a proper diet and do some physical exercise while having green tea. 

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