Vitamin C – For the Love of Skincare


Vitamin C is also known as L – ascorbic acid which is essential for our body. It is found in various fruits and vegetables that are mostly included in our diet. It is also available as an oral supplement, mostly in the form of capsules and tablets. Most people get Vitamin C from intaking a healthy diet. 

You may have a question in your mind; Is Vitamin C good for the skin? Yes! Since our bodies can’t produce Vitamin C all by themselves, we have to include it in our daily diet as it is a potent antioxidant that has both positive effects on our skin and immune system that makes our body healthy. 


Nowadays, the markets are filled with an abundant amount of Vitamin C products. From recently established companies to well-known brands are now concentrating on producing Vitamin C products like serums, face wash, and creams. 

Have you ever wondered what is so special about it? It is in demand because of its powerful anti-oxidants and awesome properties of immunity. So, it became a very popular ingredient in the beauty industry for its brightening and lightening properties that helps in improving one’s skin complexion. 


Oxidation is a chemical reaction that happens when something is exposed to oxygen and an example of this is a cut apple changing in color when it is exposed to air.

To prevent it, we would use the trick of applying a few drops of lemon juice or citric acid to the apple. Imagine that this process takes place on your skin. Like an apple changes its color after a few minutes of cutting it, our skin gets exposed to dirt and becomes dull and prone to skin problems in a couple of years. 

This connection between Vitamin C and Oxidization goes beyond skin and apple. We would have often noticed the Vitamin C serums turn into yellow or brown color. It is because of the oxidization process taking place in itself. Due to the color change, the serum tends to be less effective.


You may have a question now. Why can’t we get enough amounts of Vitamin C-rich from food instead of buying Vitamin C serums and face creams? Studies have shown that eating four to five fruits is essential to ensure enough amount of Vitamin C in our bodies, hence Vitamin C supplements became an option to intake in our busy lifestyle.

Moreover, even if we take Vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables like lemon, broccoli, tomato, and oranges, we still have to ensure to follow a good skincare routine. 

To effectively use Vitamin C, you must follow a skincare routine regularly. First, you must choose a gentle cleanser that wouldn’t give a negative impact on your skin.

Cleanse your skin and apply a toner, which most people will ignore(you must choose the best one as per your skin’s need). Let it be on your face till it gets absorbed completely. Then take 2 – 3 pumps of Earthly Vibes 20% Vitamin C Face Serum and gently dab it on your face. Let your skin absorb it and follow with moisturizing. Finish it up with sunscreen for extra protection during the daytime. 


Have you ever noticed your skin getting darker or tanner after using Vitamin C Serums? You’re not alone! Many people have experienced the side effects of popular skin brightening and anti-aging serums. Vitamin C Serums have oxidized which happens when the serum reacts with oxygen leading it to color changes and backfiring in terms of skin repair. 

L-ascorbic acid is the most proven and potent form of Vitamin C but it is highly unstable and leads to skin discoloration and tanning. As we all know, it has to be used within three months of opening the Vitamin C Serum bottle. It doesn’t have to be this difficult, L-ascorbic acid can be stabilized with Ferulic acid and Vitamin E which prevents your skin from tanning and skin discoloration. 

Our EARTHLY VIBES 20% VITAMIN C FACE SERUM infused with Kakadu Plum Extract uses this Ferulic Acid and Vitamin E formula! So, you can use it without worrying about skin damage. But don’t forget to cover it up with sunscreen when you’re going out!